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Ten Year Battery Life For "internet of things" devices

Thursday 15 November 2012 1:32 PM
The Internet of things has been much-hyped for years but has been held back by restrictive power consumption in connected devices, among other things. Now an industry standard looks set to address the issue of power-hungry connected widgets.

Backed by ARM and Cable and Wireless Worldwide, the Weightless wireless standard is intended to become a global standard for machine-to-machine communications over a WAN.

According to ARM, which hopes to provide the silicon platform for many connected devices, the technology being developed by the group will lead to a chip set costing under $2 with a range of up to 10km and battery life of ten years.

That would mean devices as diverse as shopping trolleys and water-level monitoring equipment could be hooked up the web to improve controls and provide more information to remote locations.

ARM said the connectivity across smart grids would mean, "enhanced healthcare, smart cities, asset tracking, sensors and future applications as yet unimaginable".

"There are already millions of device-to-device connections, but that's going to be dwarfed by the numbers of devices we're going to see," Gary Atkinson, ARM's head of embedded computing told PC Pro recently. "It's about saving energy – we need to be able to take more control of that."

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