ShoreTel Unified Communications

ShoreTel is a leading service provider of unified communications solutions who aim to offer one seamless environment where it is easy to upgrade or modernize your existing contact center. Its applications are endless, allowing you to be flexible when receiving calls, hosting group conferences as well as managing your whole directory.


Why Choose ShoreTel?

ShoreTel is designed to suit your needs and is easily expandable across many sites and/or even countries as required. With the basic functionalities of most phone systems – a user friendly interface and easy to operate hardware, ShoreTel is an adaptive phone system that synergizes well with most business infrastructures.

ShoreTel’s purpose-built solutions remove the barriers and complexity that other providers use to hide behind, whether your organisation is seeking to replace an old phone system, bring up new office sites or branches, upgrade to unified communications, or modernise its contact center.​



ShoreTel Applications

ShoreTel has many applications that can be used to increase efficiency and productivity, shorten response times and encourage collaboration with your current business infrastructure. As well as the basic functionalities of a phone system, ShoreTel takes it one step further by providing a user-friendly interface to its user and a handful of features that allows the user to be flexible and efficient.

Features such as the Communicator allows the user to receive phone calls on most multi-media devices and transfer the call across various platforms. The Active Directory allows you to import and export contacts and their details to any phone system allowing the user to transition easily to and from a different phone system.

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