Business Telephone Systems

At IT Services our aim is to save you headaches and money without having to forfeit quality of service or performance. We can provide you with a telephony solution that will allow your business significant savings and be able to have a system that you can rely on. 
We are partnered with multiple telephone solution providers, and we have the engineers that are trained for implementation.
We know how much a business needs a reliable telephone system which will allow them to move forward with pace. We offer a number of solutions and methods and we are confident we can provide the right solution for your business.
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IT Services provide the most recent VOIP telephone systems allowing the transmission of phone calls over a network as opposed to a public switched telephone network. This system offers a number of features such as automated messages, call recordings, conference calls and self service phone menus. Our business phone packages can be tailored to your requirements, ensuring you get the best out of IT Services VOIP systems.


VOIP provides a number of benefits including:


·         Reduced Costs – Lower equipment and maintenance costs incurred

·         Number Mobility – Allows devices to use the same number anywhere

·         Integration – With applications e.g. email delivered voicemail messages

·         Communication – Conferencing with multiple people on a single line

·         In Addition – Deal with media other than voice e.g. images, video and text

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