GDPR Statement

Statement Dated: 10.05.18


IT Services Support Ltd. provides IT service support, consulting and related products and services.

This Statement describes how personal data must be collected, handled and stored to meet IT Services Support Ltd. data protection standards and in compliance with GDPR 2016/679.


Statement of Intent:

  • This data protection statement ensures IT Services Support Ltd.;
  • Complies with GDPR 2016/679 and industry good practice
  • Protects the rights of those individuals
  • Is transparent about how it stores and processes personal data
  • Protects itself from the risks of a data breach


IT Services Support Ltd. processes Personal Data in accordance with Article 5 of GDPR (2016/679);


All staff have received training on what GDPR entails and they understand what data on individuals should be held or not.

Data-mapped all client data held by and on behalf of IT Services Support Ltd.

All third parties that store P2 has been contacted and asked to show their commitment and intention to comply with GDPR.

IT Services Support Ltd. performs a regular data review to identify what data is no longer needed and will delete it.


Data Security:

IT Services Support Ltd. acts in accordance with Article 32 of GDPR 2016/679. IT Services Support Ltd. uses a Tier 1 Data Host provider Heart Internet ( Hold the ISO 27018 accreditation. 


Data Transfer:

IT Services Support Ltd. does not transfer European Data outside the European Economic Area



IT Services Support Ltd. has appointed a team member with special responsibilities for Data Protection, who performs her duties in compliance with Articles 38 and 39 of GDPR 2016/679.


Our GDPR Actions:

We are reviewing and updating our range of policies, including our Data Breach Policy, Business Continuity Plans and Subject Access Requests.

We will provide an updated privacy policy on our website to incorporate our GDPR obligations.

We will undertake a systematic review of the personal data we store, manage, maintain, collect, process and control.

We will provide training to our team and generally raise the awareness and importance of GDPR to our business.

We will continually look at ways of improving our systems and procedures to better comply with GDPR best practise.

We will continue to monitor our GDPR plans up to the target date in May 2018 and beyond.


Data Breach Notification:

IT Services Support Ltd. acts in accordance with Article 33 of GDPR 2016/679.



For further information regarding IT Services Support Ltd. and GDPR 2016/679, please contact:

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