Remote Off-Site Backup

Let’s take a moment to imagine your desktop or laptop in a smouldering pile of ashes. A depressing thought but a real possibility; however such a disaster need not be unrecoverable.


Loss of data through fire, theft, hardware failure and viruses are all too common. In today’s business environment a company cannot afford to risk losing data for day to day business.


Luckily our Remote Backup service provides peace of mind that your files are protected, synchronizing your work and allowing access to your data wherever you may be.



Simple and Secure


Backup solutions need not be expensive or complicated. IT Services can provide a solution to replicate your data safely and securely to fit your requirements.


We can also monitor your backups on a scheduled basis as part of an ongoing support contract to make sure this process takes place successfully and you can continue to operate your business effectively.


Remote Back-up Benefits


Remote Back-up has matured into a reliable solution to an age old problem of Data Storage.  Whilst onsite back-up solutions on the whole are excellent ways of restoring your data in a catastrophic failure.  Offsite has the additional benefit of reducing the weak links that can hamper that data restoration.


Here are a few of the Remote Back-up benefits:


·        "Set and Forget" Solution

·        Automatic Scheduling and Reports – Daily updates

·        High Security – Safe, secure and recoverable data

·        Offsite Environment – No risk of transporting or misplacing tapes onsite

·        Effortless Process – Automated data uploads and saves

·        Accessible Anywhere – Instant access to your data from any location


Why IT Services


Whilst many companies transfer and store data overseas, IT Services operates a West Midlands based data center, meaning our clients are able to quickly and easily access USB drives of their data if required.


Client Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our client’s experiences with IT Services Remote Backup system…


“The way we do business has been totally transformed, we can now operate remotely and securely, something which is crucial to any serious business in this hi-tech era”. – P Day (Membership Manager)


“The new system has been well received by everyone and is providing hassle free IT. Your support has been very much appreciated and has provided the business with peace of mind regarding day to day operation data security and backup”. – A Robinson (Sales Executive)

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