Different networking technologies and mobile networks allow us to transfer data, voice and video messages wherever we are.  Reliable data transfer relies upon an IT infrastructure for the business, for example data flowing between 2 PC’s or in larger organizations a network of desktops, servers and mobile devices.
IT Services can help integrate your IT systems so that you can safely and securely view your business data whether you are in the office or offsite. 

“Secure, Effective transfer of your Data”

IT Services Specialize in but are not limited to:
  • Wireless Networks
  • Internet & Broadband 
  • Virtual Private Networks 
  • Remote Desktop
  • Mobile Devices (E-mail)


Wireless Networks


IT Services are experienced with installing and maintaining wireless networks, specifically based on our customers’ requirements. We provide peace of mind through robust, secure and encrypted networks, ensuring you are protected when accessing your network resources. Not only does this system eliminate wiring costs, it makes it simpler to expand with existing equipment as your company grows. 


Virtual Private Networks


IT Services VPN solution allows you to stay connected to all your company applications and safely access your files whilst away from the office. We offer both software and hardware VPN services to our clients, installing on a range of devices allowing you to work from computers, laptops, tablets and even from your phone.


Remote Desktop


Remote desktop allows you to connect to a PC in a different location and interact with that computers desktop as if you were working on the original PC. This service allows our customers to access office or home computers from other locations and perform demonstrations or processes to a colleague without even being in the same room. IT Services can implement the protocols to ensure this runs smoothly in your workplace or from a controlling computer. 


Mobile Devices (E-mail)


As mobile devices become more integrated into business networks, organisations require more secure systems regarding mobile device products. IT Services offer customised programmes to secure and monitor mobile devices, which may be regulated by an administrator to meet organisational uses. We assist when problems occur by supporting your complete mobile workforce fleet and apply robust security policies to combat any potential threats. Be it a standalone device or a set of synchronised devices, IT Services mobile management system prevents unauthorised access providing error monitoring, security protection and remote lock/wipe capability in the event of theft.


Benefits of Networking:


-       Speed – Maximum bandwidth increasing operational efficiency

-       Fit for Purpose – Wireless routers based on your requirements

-       Reduced Costs –  Device and file sharing costs minimised

-       Data Backup – Easily and safely saved on the file server

-       Communication – Sharing of files and information between users

-       Resource Sharing – Network connected devices e.g. printers and scanners


Networking is the complete solution that allows a certain function or feature to happen over any length of distance.  Remote Desktop, File Synchronisation, E-mail Synchronisation, Video Streaming.  It is a combination of technologies and solutions working together to provide the solution.

Is your network performing slowly?  Are files taking too long to access remotely?  Are databases stored over a network affecting your staff work rate?  IT Services can perform a complete system audit to analyse what is working well and what is causing your business to come to a stop.


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