The answer is yes we can help! We can remotely take over your machine. All you need is a broadband connection, it does not matter where you are.

IT Services do not have to come running to your door every time a problem arises as the majority of problems can be solved remotely.

With your permission IT Services can take control of any of your PC’s connected to the internet. This way we view what you can see and can solve your problem by guiding you or by taking control of your PC depending upon your needs.

This is beneficial to IT Services and you as problems are resolved quickly at less cost to both to us both. Effectively it’s like having one of our engineers at your desk at a discount price. This service is available to everyone, whether it’s for one off support or as part of a support contract IT Services can help you wherever you are.

In addition our contract clients benefit from having their servers remotely monitored on a regular basis for both administration and maintenance purposes. This way problems are recognized and resolved quickly.

To access live support we need you to phone us on 01455 554708 This is so we can establish an online connection together.

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with TeamViewer Windows - Live Support

Mac OSX - Live Support

Mac OSX - Live Support

Alternative Support Files - Please use the following links only if instructed by a technician.

Windows - Installable Host Windows - Installable Host

Hours of support - Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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