How secure is your IT infrastructure? Are you effectively leaving the front door open without even knowing it?
Information security means protecting you and your business information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction.
The threat can be from both outside your company infrastructure and even your own employees, past or present. Why try to remotely attack IT infrastructure, when someone on the inside can do it for you?
Even with firewalls, VPN’s, encryption, antivirus etc. you need to be aware that a large amount of data theft happens from people within the organizations who are valid users with credentials to access the data.

“Safely & Securely Accessing your Data”

As part of a health check IT Services can identify any possible problems with the safety of your data and systems and can develop and implement a policy to protect your business data.  IT Services can take steps to increase the effort required to gain access to networks and reduce the risk of downtime caused by network breaches. 

A firewall may allow all traffic, or it may deny all traffic unless it meets certain criteria. The criteria varies with firewall solution. This is why security risks exist as attackers look to bypass and exploit security holes that exist in client networks.
How a firewall determines what traffic to let through depends on which network layer it operates at.  There are different types of firewalls including packet filters, circuit level gateways, application level gateways and state full multilayer inspection firewalls which is a combination of the 3.
IT Services can help reduce the risk of exposure and provide many firewall solutions including ITS recommended, a State full Multilayer Inspection Firewall gateway to act as a gateway between your network and the internet. Using a dedicated Linux based operation including SNORT firewall rules for packet inspection.  
IT Services offer the following security products:

·         WatchGuard

·         Cyberoam

·         General Firewall Systems



WatchGuard is a network security product offered by IT Services with Next-Generation Firewall and Unified Threat Management providing; data loss deterrence, intrusion prevention, antivirus and spam blocker to name a few. Our expertise and tailor made services, coupled with WatchGuard’s robust and effective security system, ensures your business has the greatest level of protection. Traffic passing through your network is automatically analysed and blocked if identified as harmful or suspicious, preventing access for potential hackers. IT Services WatchGuard system also allows managers control over sites accessed by staff and prevents time wasted in handling spam email in your Outlook. Ensure your business content is protected with IT Services WatchGuard installation and support system. 



Cyberoam offers similar features such as Unified Threat Management keeping everything up to date and in one place. However it has the additional benefit of Identity Based Controls, allowing users to identify those abusing the system through a transparent and active directory. In addition, a number of reporting tools such as intrusion attempts and data transfers provides users with comprehensive performance records, giving you all the security information you need. IT Services Cyberoam protects your company infrastructure with a firewall that doesn’t slow down the performance of your system.


IT Services Security Solutions

·         AntiVirus – Prevent, identify and eliminate dangerous software

·         AntiSpam – Prevent unsolicited and illegitimate emails reaching Outlook

·         Firewall – Monitor and control the flow of network traffic

·         Intrusion Prevention – Monitor networks for malicious activity and hackers

·         Identity Based Controls – Access authorisation for users

·         Web Filtering -  Internet and website restrictions

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