IT in the cloud

Cloud is becoming more common by the day, offering you centralised control and security whilst taking away the physicality and keeping the IT network held remotely.  IT Services Cloud support allows you to access your data from any location whenever you may need it, ultimately providing piece if mind that your data is protected. 

Here at IT Services we offer:

Cloud Support 
Cloud Migration of Desktops / Servers
Cloud Consultation and Infrastructure Design 
Cloud email migration to Office 365
Cloud Database Migration



Hosted Virtual Desktop

A hosted desktop is accessible anytime and anywhere and provides a number of benefits such as; similarity with a traditional desktop and built-in disaster recovery proficiencies.


• Familiarity - Offering the same functionality using the cloud desktop as you would expect from your desktop PC and its applications for all users.

• Control - Allowing you to centrally manage all user profiles and their data

• Accessibility - Giving you access to your virtual desktop from anywhere, the sky is the limit. From home, on train, or even abroad. This allows you and other members of staff to work and update files either on the move or in the office.

• Expenditure - Cut expenses and energy bills. Saving you more money by the month, offering you more manageable monthly payments per user or desktop.


IT Services hosted desktops consist of:


• Microsoft Windows O/S

• Microsoft Office*

• Various internet browsers

• End-point security monitoring and alerting (spam/virus/web)

• HDX Advanced Media streaming

• Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader



Hosted Server


The days of housing physical servers within workplaces are going, with many businesses now opting for the more efficient option of a Cloud server. This virtualised environment allows cost savings for your company by both sharing hardware with other customers and payments being limited to the amount of space you use.


IT Services offer the following hosted server resources:


Hosted Backup


Essential data can be easily lost through numerous technical disasters, but IT Services Cloud Backup facilities ensures all data uploaded is stored safely and securely. It is not surprising so many businesses are moving to the Cloud backup solution with benefits comprising:


• Secure Data Storage – Protection regarding security issues

• Automated Uploads and Saves – Files available instantly

• Backup Restoration – Quick and easy recovery of files

• Access Anywhere at Anytime – At home, on the move or abroad

• Increased Collaboration – Multiple users file sharing

• Automatic Software Updates – As part of regular maintenance

• Shorter Recovery Time – Faster file recovery from the Cloud

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