Next generation Quadcore phones coming this summer

Posted: Friday, 17 July 2015 @ 14:44

In the last 3 years, we have seen massive improvements in mobile technology. The whole high-powered smartphone scene started back with fast mobile processors being implemented by manufacturers like Nokia and HTC after which it started expanding fast.

The first wave of android 1.5/6 devices, which help change the way we see a smartphone, and gave an alternative to the staple smartphone OS known as windows mobile. Apple also created a hit within this timeframe (the iPhone) with its new UNIX based OS, that today we know as iOS.

Then came the first dual core phones, being announced and rumored in late 2010, and being release in Q2 2011. But now, Quad core smartphones are being announced and rumored, like the HTC One and the rumored Galaxy S III, which are promised to produce close to current generation console quality. This opens a whole new set of opportunities for smartphones, especially with the announcement and release of Ubuntu for android, which transforms your smartphone into a quad core powered desktop pc, just by docking the phone and connecting a monitor.

Now what does this mean for end users I hear you ask? Well, this means that Mobile Gaming will be taken to a whole new level, with improved 3D graphics ability, and a blazingly fast experience all-round. Some people argue that any more than a dual core phone today is overkill as there are not that many apps that require this much processing power.  Our personal opinion is that it is devices like the HTC One X, the first devices to try this new technology is what drives development forward, and challenges people to create applications and games that pushes the boundaries of this technology, and with that push comes the global adoption of this technology, which enables people with high or low budgets can start to have a faster and a much better experience with their phone.

More details on the HTC One X can be found on HTC's UK Web Page.

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