Microsoft Copilot

Posted: Friday, 14 April 2023 @ 15:31

Microsoft 365 Copilot is a Chat-GPT powered assistant, allowing users to use simple everyday language to interact with systems offered by 365. When a user asks Copilot a question, it is first sent to Microsoft Graph, a development API, which conducts an analysis and interprets it before sending it to Chat-GPT, afterwards it gives an answer to the user. Copilot allows the user to focus on creativity and productivity by integrating with all services offered by Microsoft 365. 


In word, for example, it will give you the first draft, as well as offer feedback, edit passages and improve clarity. It can even change the way it writes to match the user’s tone, voice and style. As an assistant on Outlook, which in my opinion has the most impressive features, it can find specific and relevant information in a long email chain, allow you to quickly catch-up by summarising emails you missed and even write responses for you. 


Copilot is one of the most revolutionary technologies released, it will allow its users to focus entirely on the important tasks and anything that can be delegated will be. While it does have a learning curve, it is absolutely worth the time it’ll take to learn, considering the massive boost of productivity adopting it will grant.  


We’re exciting for the new release on the tech-stack. 


Arek Langer 

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