Windows 11 - Should you make the change?

Posted: Friday, 25 February 2022 @ 15:59

As I'm sure many of you have seen, there are now more and more prompts to make the leap to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Although the update is available, it may not be worth it depending on what you're looking for from your machine. Windows 11 has its ups and downs and is ultimately up to the user whether it will benefit them.


The main and probably most obvious change when making the upgrade is the look and feel of it. It does look very clean and it's easy to tell how polished it is. There is also the return of widgets which can make life easier but is only a marginal upgrade from the Live Apps that was included in Windows 10. Another major bonus added to the new operating system is the integration of Teams as now in the taskbar there is an icon specifically for Teams allowing quick access to chats. The final main upgrade is the ability to use Android applications within Windows but with the ever growing Microsoft store there probably isn't much to be gained from this.

Then there's the downsides, don't get me wrong the above list is not exhaustive as there are a plenitude of extra goodies that come with Windows 11. The first noticeable issue with Windows 11 is the amount of information they request from you, there's a constant reminder to sign into a Microsoft account to gain full advantage of the software. The widgets mentioned above also use A.I. to give you targeted and personalised adverts which can only be possible if they monitor your interests and what you're looking at. This has been a prominent feature in almost all technology nowadays but still makes you wonder what they do with some of this information. The other issue is that it might simply be too new, it doesn't sound like an issue at first until you start noticing little bugs here there and everywhere.


Windows 11 is inevitable and considering Windows 10 was meant to be their last iteration, the new edition to the Windows family has sped up the end of life for previous technologies: Office 2010 no longer has any support and is becoming unusable by more and more users, Windows 8.1 is coming to its end of life in January next year. It's not only the older technologies either as Windows 10 version 20H2 won't receive any security updates as of May this year which leaves it open to any further breaches of the software.


Overall I think that if you don't have any issues with Windows 10 there's no need to move over yet, at least until more of the holes in Windows 11 have been filled. However if your machine can accept the upgrade comfortably and you're looking for a fresh look to everything, Windows 11 will provide that and lots more.

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