Fake Office 365 Phishing Emails

Posted: Friday, 9 March 2018 @ 08:40

Many businesses have been hit by a wave of spam emails over the last few days. The email which is supposedly sent by the ‘Microsoft Office 365 Team’ has the subject line ‘Your account might be suspended’.


The email is full of grammar and spelling mistakes that instantly give it away. But users who are not aware of what to look out for should remain vigilant. The link should not be clicked on under any circumstances as it could have a variety of negative effects. The email also threatens that ‘Failure to re-authenticate might lead to mail account suspension’, this is certainly not the case.

If you receive this email or any form of spam email it should be reported to your mail administrator and deleted. To prevent any harm coming to your PC, antivirus software should be installed and is kept up to date.

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