Locky Ransomware

Posted: Wednesday, 2 March 2016 @ 14:03
Locky: Ransomware’s newest recruit/Terror to your PC

We have all heard of: Key loggers, Virus, Trojans and Spywares but these are just an umbrella term to classify the online threats that may potentially damage our PC’s.  With the IT industry’s latest innovations, malicious software (malware) are being consistently updated and are evolving at an alarming rate, with this they are becoming more and more resilient to anti-virus software even against high-end and mainstream products.

Ransomware is a hostile form of malware which will forcefully take over the user’s PC and will only remove the restrictions when the user has met all the operator’s demands. It infects the local machine by disguising itself as a harmless and legitimate file which is intended to coax the user into downloading it.  

“How do I identify Locky?”  

Locky comes in the form of an invoice in a Word document that requires a macro. It is commonly seen attached to an email with a subject line similar to:  “ATTN: Invoice_J-*8-digits*". Be wary of the file format when opening invoices from your clients and customers.it  

“What kind of demands will the operator make?”  
Ransom will usually come in the form of financial compensation in exchange for your PC and data. Payment methods such as: wire-transfer, Ukash, Paysafecard and bitcoins are commonly used.  

“What happens if I do not comply with the demands?”  
Your data on the PC will be locked. You will not be able to access certain documents which can become a major issue if you have saved client/customer information or Sage data on the local machine. They will not unlock the encryption until you have met their demands. The engineers at IT Services Support Ltd. are more than willing to clarify any information that is unclear and provide you a functional and efficient solution to safeguard your data.  
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