Why I choose Apple over Android

Posted: Monday, 11 July 2016 @ 15:09

I have a secret I've kept for a while now…. Actually it's not that secret at all. Everyone who knows me, knows I choose Apple iPhone over Android anything. But it’s the why that nobody has asked me about.  I'm guessing either they don’t care,  which is fair enough, or they assume it’s the form over function thing, that Apple stands for; or that I'm an Apple fanboy. Sadly, I'm no longer a boy (Although my wife may disagree) and it’s not because “It’s an Apple and just works” although that is true, it is and just does “just work”.


The real reason is security…. Let me explain. Android is an Open operating system and Apple is closed, which means anyone can have deep access to Android and the very bowels of the engine. This means they can manipulate and change these inner workings to suit their needs. Great, a tailored phone that suits your very own special needs. True, but the darker shades of the IT Community can and do also tinker and that scares me.  Apple is very demonstrative and controlling, and they’ll take a HUGE chunk of the application store takings, that I can’t deny.


That been said Apple’s a clean store that you can genuinely trust. You know that secretly it won’t be trying to steal your recipe for super-secret fruit smoothie, or worse still let everyone in on the fact you like ELO, which indecently I don’t! I purely keep those tracks on my phone for Stan Spaniel who finds them calming… Android is the complete opposite; it’s like the Wild west, but with more baddies! Trust nothing and no one! Have an Anti-Virus bouncer on the door, and make sure it’s a good one! Run checks regularly and, even if the app is safe today, when it updates (which they all do) next check again.


Now you may call me paranoid on this point, and yes I would agree, but I've been working in this sector of well over a decade and I've seen first-hand the damage a rogue app can do to a person’s credit record and finance’s.


But most important point I’d make here is that Most Android devices never receive security updates. Ninety-five percent of Android devices can now be compromised via an MMS message, and that’s just the most high-profile bug. Google has no way to apply security patches to these devices, and manufacturers and carriers just don’t care. Fact people!


And that’s why I choose Apple over Android anything, obviously I do buy into the whole Apple ecosystem. I haven’t a choice like the rest of the sheep, I'm in so far I wouldn't know who to get out now…. Helpppppppppp



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